Family Promise gets results.

80% of the families we have served have transitioned to stability and housing.
Since our beginning, we have helped over 650 families and 1,200 children transition to self-sufficiency.

Not all 52 of our host and support congregations share the same theological beliefs, but we all agree that homeless families need our help and united we can help them.

Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga currently offers four programs to help end family homelessness in our area:

Overnight Shelter Program

The Overnight Shelter Program is our traditional, faith-based program that operates in area congregations and continues to provide food, shelter, and hospitality to families in need. Over fifty area churches and synagogues currently partner with us to host and support efforts to provide temporary housing for our families, which is truly a cost-effective mobilization of community resources. Seventy-five to eighty percent of families exit this program to stable housing, either employed or with income supports if disabled and securely linked to supportive and follow-up services.

Day Center Program

The Day Center Program provides food, transportation, day shelter, shower and laundry facilities, case management, life skills and educational classes, computers to develop resumes and apply online for jobs and housing, indoor and outdoor play areas for children, and a nap room. As the name suggests, our families stay here during the day.

Centralized Intake Program

The Centralized Intake Program provides intakes, assessments, case management, emergency assistance, and secure linkage to existing community resources for supportive services, guiding families to services, and housing.


Going Home Program

Our Going Home Program is a partnership between Family Promise, the Chattanooga Housing Authority, and local builders and property owners. Family Promise screens and selects families for placement in public and renovated and newly constructed housing. We also provide one year of case management services where property owners can access assistance and guidance from a case manager for any family issues.

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