• Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga

Sheltering in Place

COVID-19 brought a lot of instability and change to the world. To families in transition, it was downright terrifying. Schools and faith congregations were closing their doors; employers were laying people off; businesses were put in a hiring freeze...suddenly, the threat of living in the streets was very real for some in our community. In stepped Chattanooga First Church of the Nazarene.

Although the congregation has been partnering with Family Promise for nearly a decade, they only hosted families once a quarter. But with the pandemic raging, the leadership team of Chattanooga First responded to the need and provided continuous shelter in place for the families in transition.

"Just because there is pandemic doesn't mean the homeless are not vulnerable," says Pastor Eric Johnson of Chattanooga First. "We have an underused wing in the church. With a $10,000 redesign, we created a temporary home for these families to shelter in."

Other community members joined in on the effort. Grace Episcopal Church and B'nai Zion Congregation partnered with Chattanooga First and provided home-cooked meals and volunteers. "We are different faith congregations working together to help fight homelessness," says Pastor Johnson. "We are doing more than providing food and shelter; we become these families' support system."

If your congregation wants to host or support our families in transition, let us know! We welcome you.

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