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Meet Our Board: Jim DePrimo

Why are you on the Family Promise board?

I am on the board because I want to continue helping my community. As a board member, I am part of a larger team that regularly meets to ensure that our mission is carried out effectively.

Why do you believe in Family Promise's mission?

During my 25 years as a law enforcement officer, I saw firsthand the hopeless life circumstances that so many of our community members experience. What impacted me most was discovering whole families who were homeless with limited community resources to help them. The mission of Family Promise is to help these families secure housing and sustainable income for the future. Family Promise brings hope to seemingly hopeless situations.

We hear that you overcame homelessness yourself. Can you share a short highlight of that situation and how you overcame it?

For about six months, when I was in high school, our family was homeless. This did not stop our amazing family from participating in school, church, basketball, etc... In fact, we did not look at ourselves as victims but as a family on a long camping trip. That blue tent was home for us. We had hope, and we were together. That is all we needed to survive until my hardworking father secured a job and housing. But to this day, I am not a big fan of camping!

Is that a factor why you decided to join the Family Promise board?

That is a factor in joining the board of Family Promise. There is a need, and I want to be a part of the solution.

How can others join you and support the Family Promise mission?

Hamilton County has experienced an 81 percent increase in homelessness this year, so the need is great. Contact our organization to volunteer and give so that all homeless families receive hope and the help they need to find housing and employment.

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