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Meet Our Volunteers: Diane McCluskey

How do you support Family Promise?

I volunteer to staff the front desk at the Day Center on weekend days; I donate money and household goods; and I include an annual plea for volunteers in the newsletter published for my faith group.

Why do you believe in Family Promise's mission?

I have a soft spot for homeless people, especially those with children. I like the programs and methods FP uses to help homeless families make their transition back to stability. I am concerned about the wider impact on society when children have no home, no confidence in getting their next meal. The mental health of parents in that desperate situation and how that reflects on their children troubles me.

Why do you volunteer?

I want to do more to help the homeless than send money. I learned the value and pleasure of volunteering from my family and feel like I am making a difference, as small as that is.

How can others join you and support the Family Promise mission?

By volunteering at the Day Center or their churches, sending money and household items, offering classes if they have a special talent.

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