Our Mission

Our Mission

Family Promise exists to help  families with children achieve and sustain independence through community partnerships.

Our Vision

To create a community where every family has a home, sustainable income, and the chance to build a better future.

Our Goal

Family Promise is dedicated to reducing shelter stays,  increasing the number of homeless families that transition to stability, employment or income supports if disabled, housing, supportive and follow-up services and self-sufficiency.

How We Turn Lives Around

Fortunately, families in need in Chattanooga are not without a helping hand up when needed most.  Family Promise provides a safe, welcoming environment with caring, professional staff to help families quickly transition to self-sustainability.  We strive to keep families together and serves all family configurations including two underserved segments: two-parent families with children and adolescents, and single fathers with children and adolescents.  Family Promise also serves single mothers with children and adolescents, pregnant women, and custodial parents with children and adolescents.

We now offer four programs to help prevent, reduce, and end homelessness and serve more homeless and near homeless families in need.  These programs help families become stable, employed, housed, and linked to supportive and follow-up services to ensure a successful return to self-sufficiency.

  1. The traditional faith-based IHN overnight shelter program in area congregations continues to provide food, shelter and  hospitality to families in need. 39 area churches and synagogues currently partner to host and support efforts to provide temporary housing for families in need, a cost-effective mobilization of community resources.  Seventy-five to eighty percent of families exit this program to stable housing, either employed or with income supports if disabled and securely linked to supportive sand follow-up services.
  2. The Family Promise Day Center Program provides food, transportation, day shelter, shower and laundry facilities, case management, life skills and educational classes, computers to develop resumes and apply online for jobs and housing, indoor and outdoor play areas for children, and a nap room.
  3. The Centralized Intake Program provides intakes, assessments, case management, emergency assistance, and secure linkage to existing community resources for supportive services, guiding families to services and housing.
  4. The Going Home Program is a partnership between Family Promise, the Chattanooga Housing Authority, and local builders and property owners.  Family Promise screens and selects families for placement in public and renovated and newly constructed housing, and provides one year of case management services where property owners can access assistance and guidance from a case manager for any family issues.