Host Congregations

Host congregations take turns once per quarter (four times each year) hosting guests in their buildings overnights only.  FPGC doesn’t accept guest families actively using illegal substances or with felony convictions or serious mental illness, and all guest families receive a criminal background check.

During the day, guest families are at the Family Day Center working with the social worker to find jobs and housing. Guest families stay with Family Promise until they find permanent housing as long as they follow the respective guidelines of the day and overnight shelter programs.

Host congregations must have enough space to host three to four separate families — up to fourteen people — at a time. FPGC provides rollaway beds and bedding, with most congregations setting up their educational or activity rooms as temporary bedrooms for each of the guest families. Showers and laundry facilities are available at our Family Day Center, so it’s not necessary for congregations to have these amenities.

Host congregations are responsible for transporting guest families to and from the day center and hosting congregation on weekends only.  During the week, families are transported by Special Transit Services (STS).  Congregations also transport the trailer with beds and guest belongings and the fifteen-passenger van to the next hosting congregation.

Wondering if your congregation has the facility to become a hosting congregation? Speak with the clergy at your congregation or call us at (423) 756-3891, and we can handle the rest.  We’re always in need of more congregations, and would like to hear from you.

Our Hosting Congregations currently include: