Appeal Letter 2016

November 1, 2016

Mr. & Mrs. XXX


Dear Mr. & Mrs. XXX,

In Chattanooga there are hundreds of homeless families and over 1,600 homeless children. These are loving families trapped living on the streets. They are good people caught in dire straits, and most are there due to no fault of their own-often with crushing medical bills, total loss of employment or a combination of both.


We are Family Promise of Greater Chattanooga, an organization dedicated to keeping families together and off the streets in Chattanooga for the past eighteen years. We serve all family configurations, including several underserved groups: two parent families with children and adolescents, single fathers with children and adolescents, and Veteran families. We need your help!


We believe stable families increase the likelihood of a more stable community. We are dedicated to helping the homeless families of Chattanooga in need by offering food, transportation, day and overnight shelter, training and education, supportive services and one year of follow-up services to ensure stability and a return to self-sufficiency. We also diligently work to prevent homelessness by working with near-homeless families and assisting them with the emergency assistance they need to remain housed. For eighteen years we have worked to end homeless for all families in Chattanooga. That is our Family Promise.


The Family Promise model is unique among agencies providing shelter for families in need because it does not subscribe to institutionalized shelters as a solution. Family members are not separated because of age or gender, and stay together overnight at our volunteer congregation shelters while daily they work with case managers to develop permanent solutions to address the underlying causes of family homelessness.  Each family in need is assisted in finding jobs, housing, and supportive services.   But we need your support, and so do they.


We are proud to say we get results at Family Promise. Eighty percent of the families we serve transition to permanent housing and our programs are cost effective. With over 5,000 volunteers annually providing $637,000 in donated labor, we are able to leverage three times our current annual budget. That’s right – we are able to spend every dollar you generously give like it’s three. One hundred plus volunteers assist us every week, making the cost per individual served one-third the cost at similar public programs.


Your continued support makes it possible for families in need to return to stability and self-sufficiency as contributing members of our Chattanooga community.




Cary Bayless

Development Director