Life Skills Training Classes

Current Classes

We are excited to have expanded our Life Skills Training at FPGC. These sessions are designed to provide extensive training for adults to help develop their skills for daily living.

  • ART Expression: This class is designed to promote relaxation and creativity, with some classes focusing on painting and drawing, while other courses focus on things like jewelry making. Participants have the option, per approval from the Hart Gallery, to place items in the gallery. If items are sold, participants received 60% of the profit, the gallery gets 30% of the profit, and the remaining 10% is donated to a local charity organization selected by the participant. The facilitator is Brooke Montague of The Hart Gallery.

  • Money Matters: Classes are taught from the financial literacy program developed by national Family Promise entitled, "New Beginnings." Participants learn how to manage a checking account, create a budget, save and invest to make sound financial choices.

  • Parenting Skills Class: Teaches clients essential parenting skills.

  • Play Therapy: Provided by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who is also a registered play therapist at FPGC.

  • SMART Program at Catholic Charities: Referral

  • Nutrition, cooking and shopping on a budget: Sponsored by University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Program at FPGC

  • First Things First: Referral

  • Jobs for Life: Referral


If any of these opportunities sound appealing, contact Linda Kennedy, FPGC Case Manager, or Ruth Votava, FPGC Administrative Assistant, at (423) 756-3891 at the FPGC Day Center to enroll or get more information.